About Us


Founded in 2000, Bastini specializes in the purveyance of electrotechnics as well as spare parts and materials for professional use. During our active years, we have successfully created business relations with ship owners and suppliers, developed our strong aspects and gained a worthy position in our field. Bastini offers sea crafts, shipyards and dockyards a wide selection of lighting equipment by leading European manufacturers, from batteries, fuses and sea cable to electric lamps of all kinds and sizes. Goods can be purveyed directly from the storehouse or by placing an order. Bastini has its own ship chandler that supplies ships with materials and technical equipment and serves the immediate needs of ships and their crews. During its years in business, Bastini has proved to be a reliable partner that is able to find an adequate and quick solution on the terms that satisfy both parties.

We invite all interested individuals to do business with us! We are open to all reasonable proposals.


Bastini, Petrooleumi 8, 10152, Tallinn, Estonia; Tel: (+372) 6 605 811; info@bastini.ee